About Us

PGG Wrightson Seeds Limited is the Southern Hemisphere’s leading exporter of small seed products. We have a highly experienced international team, backed by skilled Field Agronomists and research staff, with operations in the key seed production areas across New Zealand.

PGG Wrightson Seeds Limited are your first choice for seed multiplication services in New Zealand.

Why Choose Us?

PGG Wrightson Seeds have vast experience in small seed production.  Our history of importing and exporting dates to the start of the New Zealand seed industry over 100 years ago.  Over the years we have evolved our business to be New Zealand’s leading seed production company, highly orientated to specialist multiplication services for all small seed products. 

Our history and expertise in a wide range of species and cultivars ensure advanced production techniques are applied to all crops for planting through to harvesting and beyond.


The Canterbury Plains are a unique production environment, with growing seasons of cool winters and hot dry summers, abundant irrigation and naturally fertile soils.  These are the optimum growing conditions for diverse seed production and make the Canterbury Plains the most important production region of the Southern Hemisphere.


PGG Wrightson Seeds has over 450 farmer growers who we have daily contact with producing a wide range of seed for our diverse customer requirements. Our large base of growers use advanced farming techniques and modern irrigation systems making them amongst the most sophisticated and highly skilled growers in the world. 


With the advancement of precision agricultural production techniques, monitoring of all inputs and traceability of seed is possible.  PGG Wrightson Seeds has worked with world leaders in precision agriculture and invested in specifically designed applications to map, manage and trace seed from planting to harvest, processing to shipment. 


Kimihia, our 250-hectare research farm is located at Lincoln, in the northeastern Canterbury plans, giving us an opportunity to trial and evaluate a wide range of species and develop specific management practices before commercial production commences.  

We can undertake small seed bulk up in our nursery environment, complete isolation through pollen tent production is possible for specific crops, stock seed multiplications and small commercial productions. Our technical services team provides the foundation for our multiplication business.


Our focus on quality is paramount throughout all productions, both field hygiene and processing are managed to the highest possible standards and in accordance with all seed certification requirements.

We export worldwide

Customers from all over the world trust us with their seed multiplication. Our strong customer relationships, cutting-edge innovation and ideal growing conditions for a variety of seeds make us a world leader in small seed production. As a result, our Shipping and Logistics team manage exports to over 50 countries around the world every year.