Vegetable Seeds

Our expertise in vegetable seed production covers a wide range of both open pollinated and hybrid species for customers from around the globe. We carry out specialist small bulk-ups right through to commercial tonnages.

PGG Wrightson Seeds is a leading exporter in vegetable seed multiplications. Every year, customers all over the world trust us with their hybrid and open pollinated seed multiplication, making the most of counter-season production in our temperate climate. We work with growers on farms of all sizes, offering specialist multiplication of small quantities through to large-scale commercial productions. Our attention to crop husbandry and seed management means we produce the most consistent and highest quality seed, not only meeting but exceeding importing country requirements.  Certified production is possible through both OECD and ASOCA certification schemes.

We have a range of Garden Pea cultivars, click here to learn more.


Basil Ocimum basilicum
Broccoli Brassica oleracea var. italica
Cabbage Brassica oleracea var. Capitata Gp.
Carrot Daucus carota ssp. sativus
Chinese Kale Brassica oleracea Alboglabra Gp.
Choi Sum Brassica chinensis var. parachinensis
Kohlrabi Brassica oleracea Gongylodes gp.
Dill Anethum graveolens
Fennel Foeniculum vulgare
Onion Allium cepa
Pak choy Brassica rapa ssp. chinensis
Parsley Petroselinum crispum
Parsnip Pastinaca sativa
Peas Pisum sativum
Radish Round Red Raphanus raphanistrum ssp. sativus
Radish White Daikon Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus
Red Beet Beta vulgaris var. vulgaris conditiva gp.
Swiss Chard Beta vulgaris var. cicla
Spinach Spinacia oleracea
Sweet Corn Zea mays ssp. mays
Wild Rocket Diplotaxis tenuifolia

Sowing & Harvest Timeline

Approximate Crop Growth Calendar

Sowing and harvesting dates are approximate. For more specific dates and detail, please contact us.


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